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Cī bĭk hiĕk-méng sê gô-dā̤ tō̤-lâung gì còng-dáung. Kī-dâe̤ng nṳ̄ ng-tĕ̤ng piĕng-cék cī siŏh hiĕk. Ṳ̀-guō nṳ̄ hĭ-uông huák kī sĭng gì tō̤-lâung hĕ̤k-chiā tṳ̀ng-kī hiêng-iū gì tō̤-lâung, kī-dâe̤ng diŏh dŏng siĕng tō̤-lâung hiĕk lā̤ có̤.


歡迎來到閩東語維基百科!—以上未簽名其留言是JackonLee54對話貢獻)敆2013-06-22 19:24加其。



例如: 《平話》這文章就添加[[Category:語言]]

如果某個分類項還沒存在,那就按照中文維基的分類方法來建造新的分類條目。 這樣,在閩東語頭頁漢字版本就能夠顯示出來。--JackonLee54 (talk) 2013 nièng 6 nguŏk 22 hô̤ (B6) 19:20 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

會八了,起動 --Yejianfei (talk) 2013 nièng 6 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (B1) 16:19 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


Yejianfei, 你既然已經在Translatewiki 把不少系統界面翻譯成漢字,你就繼續翻譯吧。反正以後可以實施自動轉換功能,比如哈薩克維基百科版是用西里爾字母, 並且也可以直接自動轉換為拉丁字母阿拉伯字母
但你也必須在Translatewiki通知他們 (Wikimedia Language Committee) (例如: [1], [2]).
--JackonLee54 (talk) 2013 nièng 7 nguŏk 6 hô̤ (B6) 12:23 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
好的,我已經添加了[3][4] --Yejianfei (talk) 2013 nièng 7 nguŏk 6 hô̤ (B6) 14:23 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
目前該話題已經進入議論階段,參見[5]頁面,請您也去發表一下意見。 --Yejianfei (talk) 2013 nièng 7 nguŏk 28 hô̤ (LB) 02:02 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


Hi, friend. I greatly appreciate your concern for the Min Dong Wikipedia and I thank you for everything you've done so far for the revival of our mother language. You are probably right in saying that Foochow Romanized looks somewhat daunting for most people, but I feel obliged to point out that the traditional writing system is not without its drawbacks as well. For example, the character [勿会] (mâ̤) is never displayed correctly on my computer. Also, I noticed you chose the character "獃" for ngài, but as far as I know, many people would rather use "呆" instead. In this case, you can't say which is right and which is wrong. So take heed: if you are serious about asking people to join the team, this will be a very big headache that you first need to deal with.

Although I am the site admin de jure, I am no longer active on this wiki as my life has gotten its way. Therefore, I'll be more than happy to have someone like you to take this responsibility from my shoulder. Good for you. Meanwhile, I'll keep a close watch on what you'll be doing with this wiki and, if need be, be of what little assistance I can offer. Thank you.

Best regards,

George Ngu (gnudoyng AT gmail DOT com) --GnuDoyng (talk) 2013 nièng 8 nguŏk 10 hô̤ (B6) 12:45 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Thanks for replying me.
The Chinese character "𣍐" (勿會) is located on Unicode CJK Extension B block, so you need fonts for large CJK character set, for example UniFonts 6.0 or 花園明朝(Hanazono) font. You also have to set the font as the browser default font.
The Chinese character ngài is disputed for "呆" and "獃", so I can't decided which is correct. I'd prefer "獃" according to some dictionary.
By the way, My first language is Min Dong language and Mandarin Chinese. Why do you reply me in English? Is it because that English is your first language? --Yejianfei (talk) 2013 nièng 8 nguŏk 10 hô̤ (B6) 18:23 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
I dislike speaking Mandarin with Foochow speakers. If they don't speak Foochow with me, I'll switch to English. --GnuDoyng (talk) 2013 nièng 8 nguŏk 11 hô̤ (LB) 05:59 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
固有蜀萆問題:閩東語維基百科其CSS底裡其字體設置(font-family)著改蜀改囇,著加上Sun-ExtASun-ExtB字體(UniFonts 6.0)或者HanaMinAHanaMinB字體(花園明朝(Hanazono))。若無雅価福州話漢字可能顯示𣍐正确。比如講「𣍐」(勿會)字共「𡅏」(口禮)字。 --Yejianfei (talk) 2013 nièng 8 nguŏk 11 hô̤ (LB) 07:27 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Translation request

Greetings. A while ago someone helped with translation for single-user login finalization from Min Dong to English, but it was an IP that has vanished. Could you take some time to review the two messages that will be sent of affected community members soon? The pages are here and here. There should not be much work involved. If you do not have time, do you know who might? Thank you for your time, happy editing to you. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 2015 nièng 2 nguŏk 2 hô̤ (B1) 21:16 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

I'll try my best to translate it. However, I am terribly sorry to tell you that I am very busy in my work nowadays. Therefore, my translation process will be very slow. -- Yejianfei (對話) 2015 nièng 2 nguŏk 3 hô̤ (B2) 16:30 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
Thank you for at least looking :) Keegan (WMF) (對話) 2015 nièng 2 nguŏk 4 hô̤ (B3) 03:45 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Cdo Wiki

我已推薦你作閩東維基百科管理員。--Chrysolophus pictus (對話) 2015 nièng 9 nguŏk 29 hô̤ (B2) 22:30 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

好的,謝謝。 -- Yejianfei (對話) 2015 nièng 9 nguŏk 30 hô̤ (B3) 15:51 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


恕擾。看囇分類:糰子類食品,福州話講糰子會使𣍐?--Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 8 nguŏk 19 hô̤ (B6) 14:15 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

丸囝食品 --Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 8 nguŏk 19 hô̤ (B6) 16:02 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
噲我改了。--Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 8 nguŏk 21 hô̤ (B1) 10:49 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


其实牛君共堂吉诃德君也会文言文,当然名字写伓写看伊意愿。 --Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 9 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (LB) 02:04 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

噢,他的用户页没标注出来,所以我不知道。--Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 9 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (LB) 04:30 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


[6],宜作「共」作「和」?--Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 9 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (LB) 09:05 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

我也不确定这个怎么办。外国国名是该用福州话另外音译,还是直接借用联合国官方中文名,还是说音译部分保持联合国官方中文名意译部分用福州话另译?到底哪个好?开个讨论页大家看看吧。 --Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 9 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (LB) 09:42 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
噲去大樹下討論?--Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 9 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (LB) 10:00 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
我已經發遘大樹下了 --Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 9 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (LB) 10:58 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


https://cdo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:%E5%90%88%E7%90%86%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8%E4%BE%9D%E6%93%9A%E6%8C%87%E5%BC%95 --Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 10 nguŏk 11 hô̤ (B3) 16:03 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Ngū-sé_Ông-dông--Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 10 nguŏk 17 hô̤ (B2) 11:18 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Clyde and Willis--Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 10 nguŏk 28 hô̤ (B6) 15:35 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Clyde and Willis 我感覺不像是破壞。如果你堅持認為是破壞,請提交到Wikipedia:頁面存廢討論,點一下「提交新其頁面存廢請求」鏈接。 --Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 10 nguŏk 28 hô̤ (B6) 15:54 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

System messages translation

Your account has been blocked due to your excessive activities translating or changing the system messages to Chinese characters without seeking understanding or obtaining approval from the management team, which is considered a form of vandalism in this Wikipedia. If you have questions please go to the group chat in Telegram and we will further discuss on this issue. --GnuDoyng (對話) 2017 nièng 11 nguŏk 2 hô̤ (B4) 06:38 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

@GnuDoyng: Firstly, translatewiki account and Wikipedia account are two unrelavent accounts. If you really want to block, you should block my translatewiki account rather than my Wikipedia account. Secondly, I have only edited "Outdated" messages and new messages. Non-outdated old messages are kept in Bàng-uâ-cê unchanged. If you really don't like that, I won't do that anymore. Last but not least, please move on this project in order to resolve the dispute between Chinese characters and Bàng-uâ-cê. --Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 11 nguŏk 2 hô̤ (B4) 07:11 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

About the reply of phab

Thank you for replying me at this project.You said"let's do it now." But I am not good at cdo, I can't write it, only can listen and say a little. What's worse, I don't know anything about technology. So I was just expressed my opinions. I can only make a few contributions to cdo wiki. I admire your words in Wikipedia-cdo telegram and your actions in Min Dong Wikipedia. I am so sorry I can't do anything which may make cdo wiki better.I just like it, so I will try my best. --Cyclohexane233 (對話) 2017 nièng 11 nguŏk 6 hô̤ (B1) 04:27 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

I am just requesting Wikimedia to grant us privileges to move on this project. Our current privilege does not allow us to split them into two version. --Yejianfei (對話) 2017 nièng 11 nguŏk 6 hô̤ (拜一) 07:49 (UTC)


乍想遘,許隻IP用戶總款編輯其理由,可能是因為Ó̤-ciŭ這條目標題就是Ó̤-ciŭ,故此選去伓是? --Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 11 nguŏk 26 hô̤ (LB) 01:40 (UTC)回覆[回覆]


空白條目:https://cdo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C4%AD-s%C3%A9ng --Davidzdh (討論/Tō̤-lâung) 2017 nièng 12 nguŏk 5 hô̤ (B2) 15:51 (UTC)回覆[回覆]