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Wikipedia gì gĭ-ké-nè̤ng cuō-iéu dò̤ lì cê̤ṳ-dông chṳ̄-lī tiàng-sê̤ṳ-huá gì gĕ̤ng-cáuk hĕ̤k-chiā só-gé̤ṳ. Gĭ-ké-nè̤ng â̤ cháung-gióng dèu-mĕ̤k, siŭ-gāi dèu-mĕ̤k, sêng-cé sê cáuk-ták dèu-mĕ̤k, gó-chṳ̄ sāi-ê̤ṳng sèng-hâiu diŏh sá̤-nê.

Nṳ̄ nâ nêng-ùi nṳ̄ gì gĭ-ké-nè̤ng â̤ bŏng-cô Wikipedia bêng-chiā dó̤i hŭk-ô-ké mò̤ ngài gì īng-hiōng, huăng-ngìng lì sĭng-chiāng gĭ-ké-nè̤ng sĭng-hông. Gĭ-ké-nè̤ng gì ê̤ṳng-hô-miàng chiāng bău-guák "bot" (chiông "Wikipediabot") lì biēu-sê cuòi sê siŏh ciéh gĭ-ké-nè̤ng, ng-sê pū-tŭng ê̤ṳng-hô.

Găk cī-bŏng gì gāi-biéng dăng-dăng diē-sié, gĭ-ké-nè̤ng gì siŭ-gāi ké̤ṳk káung kī. Nâ nṳ̄ buóh káng gĭ-ké-nè̤ng gì siŭ-gāi nĭk-cé chiāng káng Special:Recentchanges/bots.

Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot Byrialbot at this wiki, and possibly get a bot flag for it.

  • Operator: User:Byrial
  • Operator's home project: da:User:Byrial
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Wikipedias with bot flag at June 30, 2007: als:, ar:, bat-smg:, be:, bn:, bs:, bpy:, ca:, ceb:, cs:, da:, de:, el:, en:, eo:, es:, et:, fo:, fr:, fy:, gl:, he:, hr:, hu:, id:, io:, is:, it:, ka:, ksh:, lb:, li:, lt:, lv:, mk:, ml:, mr:, ms:, nds:, nds-nl:, nl:, nn:, no:, pms:, pt:, ro:, ru:, scn:, sco:, simple:, sk:, sl:, sr:, sv:, ta:, tl:, th:, uk:, vo:, zh-min-nan:
  • Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot starting from da:, nn:, no: and sv:. It mostly runs manually assisted and I try to solve found interwiki conflicts when I can.

Thank you! Byrial 11:24, 22 Lĕ̤k nguŏk 2007 (UTC)

As I see no objections, I will start the bot now so you can see it in action. Best regards, Byrial 21:57, 30 Lĕ̤k nguŏk 2007 (UTC)
Thank for the bot flag. Byrial 09:48, 1 Chék nguŏk 2007 (UTC)

Bot status for PipepBot[Gāi nguòng-mā]

Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot PipepBot here, and to get a bot flag for it.

  • Operator: it:User:Pipep
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Software: Pywikipedia
  • Has bot flag at: als, am, an, ar, arc, ast, az, bat-smg, be, be-x-old, bn, bpy, bs, ca, ce, ceb, co, cs, cu, cv, da, de, eml, en, eo, et, fo, fr, frp, fur, fy, ga, gd, hr, ht, hu, hy, id, ie, ilo, io, is, ja, ka, ksh, ku, kw, la, lb, li, lij, ln, lt, lv, mi, mk, ml, ms, nap, nds, nds-nl, nn, no, oc, pms, rm, rmy, ro, roa-tara, ru-sib, sc, scn, sco, sh, simple, sk, sl, sq, sr, su, sv, te, th, tl, udm, uk, vec, vls, vo, wa, wo, wuu, zea, zh, zh-classical, zh-yue
  • Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot. It mostly runs manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.

Thank you! --it:User:Pipep 18:26, 26 Báik nguŏk 2007 (UTC)

Done! --GnuDoyng 10:53, 28 Báik nguŏk 2007 (UTC)
Thank you! it:User:Pipep 17:43, 28 Báik nguŏk 2007 (UTC)

Hi, i request a bot bit for BotMultichill.

  • Botmaster : Multichill
  • Bot's name : BotMultichill
  • List of botflags on others wikipedias: about 100+ atm (see meta:User:Multichill for the current list)
  • Purpose: Interwiki (pywikipedia)
  • Technical details : BotMultichill is an interwiki bot starting at the Dutch wikipedia. The bot uses the pywikipedia framework and runs day and night in autonomous mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts. Multichill 08:24, 5 Gāu nguŏk 2007 (UTC)
Done. --GnuDoyng 16:41, 9 Gāu nguŏk 2007 (UTC)

Hi, i request a bot flag for Idioma-bot.

  • Botmaster : lt:User:Hugo.arg
  • List of botflags on others wikipedias: >100 (en, de, es, fr, ar, pt, ru..)
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Technical details : autonomous and manualy, with daily SVN updates

Thank you, lt:User:Hugo.arg2008 nièng 5 nguŏk 7 hô̤ (B3) 19:46 (UTC)[回覆]

Done. --GnuDoyng 2008 nièng 5 nguŏk 10 hô̤ (B6) 03:21 (UTC)[回覆]

Hi, i request a bot flag for AlleborgoBot

  • Operator: Alleborgo
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic, in "-autonomous" mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts.
  • Programming Language(s): Pywikipedia framework daily updated to the last SVN version
  • Function Summary: interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag in: als, am, an, ar, ast, az, ba, bar, bat-smg, be, bg, bh, br, bm, bn, bpy, bs, ca, ce, ceb, cho, co, cr, cs, csb, cv, cy, da, de, diq, dv, el, eml, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fiu-vro, fo, fr, frp, fur, fy, ga, gl, glk, gu, ha, haw, hak, he, hr, hsb, ht, hu, hy, ia, id, ie, ik, ilo, io, is, it, iu, ja, jv, ka, kab, kg, kk, ki, kl, km, kn, ko, ks, ksh, ku, kv, kw, ky, lad, lb, lbe, lg, li, lij, lmo, ln, lo, lt, lv, map-bms mk, mi, ml, mn, mr, ms, mt, mzn, na, nah, nap, ne, new, nds, nds-nl, nl, nn, no, nov, nrm, oc, os, pap, pam, pag, pdc, pi, pl, pms, ps, pt, qu, ro, roa-tara, ru, sa, scn, sco, se, sh, sk, simple, sl, so, sq, sr, su, sv, sw, ta, tet, tg, th, tk, tl, to, tr, tt, udm, uk, ur, uz, vec, vi, vls, vo, wa, war, wo, wuu, yo, zh, zh-classical, zh-min-nan, zh-yue. On has done more than 70000 edit.

Thanks --AlleborgoBot 2007 nièng 12 nguŏk 16 hô̤ (LB) 13:58 (UTC)[回覆]

Done. —Pathoschild 14:23:00, 23 Ék nguŏk 2008 (UTC)

Bot policy[Gāi nguòng-mā]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. This will involve creating a redirect to this page from Project:Bot policy, and adding a line at the top noting that it is used here. In particular, this policy allows automatic acceptance of known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests.

Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; it will be implemented in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. AlleborgoBot 2007 nièng 12 nguŏk 24 hô̤ (B1) 14:11 (UTC)[回覆]

Agreed. But perhaps it would be nicer if you could offer your assistance here to bring this policy into practice. I'll consider translating the Bot Policy into this page when it gets started. --GnuDoyng 2007 nièng 12 nguŏk 26 hô̤ (B3) 04:53 (UTC)[回覆]
Hello GnuDoyng. In practice, we will place instructions at the top of this page explaining what bot operators need to do. These instructions will link to the policy on Meta, so there's no reason to copy it to this wiki (if you want to implement a changed version, you can state the changes in the instructions). If you can translate the policy into Min Dong Chinese, please do so at m:Bot policy/cdo instead so all Min Dong readers can use it.
If you have any questions, feel free to respond here. —Pathoschild 02:34:00, 11 Ék nguŏk 2008 (UTC)
Implemented. —Pathoschild 09:33:57, 23 Ék nguŏk 2008 (UTC)

I hereby request botflag on this wiki for my bot StigBot.

  • Owner’s account: Stigmj (talk)
  • Bot account: StigBot (contribssulmakebot@meta )
  • Function: mainly interwiki, but can be used in user-namespace for adding userpages etc. on request from the affected users.
  • Software: Pywikipedia, updated from SVN before each run.
  • Other: Runs manually initiated automatic supervised and sometimes entirely manual. Already has bot flag on: ar, bpy, en, eo, fr, no, oc, pt, ro and vo.

Best regards, Stigmj 2008 nièng 6 nguŏk 8 hô̤ (LB) 12:27 (UTC)[回覆]

Done! --GnuDoyng 2008 nièng 6 nguŏk 9 hô̤ (B1) 16:23 (UTC)[回覆]

Hello. I would like to get a bot-flag on this wiki.

  • Operator: de:User:Euku
  • Purpose: Interwiki links: It adds/modifies/deletes interwiki links.
  • Software: pywikipediabot framework via SVN
  • Already has bot flag on: >74 Wikipedias, for example: ar, bn, ca, cs, de, en, es, eu, da, fr, he, hu, it, pl, ro, ru, sq, tr. (Since 2006 on German Wikipedia, with >69.000 edits), look at details
Thank you! --Euku 2008 nièng 6 nguŏk 14 hô̤ (B6) 08:27 (UTC)[回覆]
Already done. Jafeluv 2011 nièng 4 nguŏk 19 hô̤ (B2) 07:14 (UTC)[回覆]

Global bots[Gāi nguòng-mā]

Hello. The standard bot policy was updated to allow global bots, which are now technically possible. These are trusted bots that will be given bot access on all wikis that allow global bots (the local policy or request page must explicitly allow them, or they won't get access on this wiki). The current requirements for global bots are:

  • the bot must only perform maintenance of interlanguage links;
  • the bot must already be active on several wikis, with long-term contributions to back up its trustworthiness.

Does anyone object to allowing global bots on this wiki? I'll update the local policy in a week if there are no objections. Thanks. —Pathoschild 22:54:42, 26 Chék nguŏk 2008 (UTC)

Done. —Pathoschild 20:10:21, 02 Báik nguŏk 2008 (UTC)

Hi, I'd like to request a bot flag for Ptbotgourou:

  • Operator: fr:Utilisateur:Gdgourou
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: autonomous and mostly continuous
  • Programming Language(s): Pywikipedia
  • Function Summary: Interwiki,
  • Already has a bot flag on: Flag list

Regards --Gdgourou 2008 nièng 9 nguŏk 26 hô̤ (B5) 19:35 (UTC)[回覆]

Not done; this is a global bot, so no local flag is needed. Jafeluv 2011 nièng 4 nguŏk 19 hô̤ (B2) 07:15 (UTC)[回覆]
  • Operator  : Hedwig in Washington
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia), daily update
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki, Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel-Category so it can be used properly and easy. Double redirects will be added shortly
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes: 23 Wikis so far, others pending. see here
  • Function Details  : just using the standard; parameters: -auto -all - log -catr

I humbly request bot status on this wiki in order to update Interwiki, and improve Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel so it can be used properly and easy by everyone.

Thank you for consideration! --Hedwig in Washington 2011 nièng 9 nguŏk 7 hô̤ (B3) 20:45 (UTC)[回覆]

not done, because it's no need to update interwiki links now.--el caballero de los Leones (tō̤ nguāi păng-gōng) => Nguāi ái Hók-gióng 2016 nièng 6 nguŏk 26 hô̤ (LB) 04:17 (UTC)[回覆]
  • Operator: S205643
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: both
  • Programming Language(s): Auto Wiki Browser
  • Function Summary: Articles establishment
  • Already has a bot flag on: Min Nan Wikipedia (閩南語; Bân-lâm-gú)
Done.--el caballero de los Leones (tō̤ nguāi păng-gōng) => Nguāi ái Hók-gióng 2016 nièng 6 nguŏk 29 hô̤ (B3) 15:01 (UTC)[回覆]