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{{infobox element
|below=[[lī ⁿgĭng-sṳ̆k)|lī]]
|series comment=
|series color=
|appearance=mò̤-sáik ké-tā̤
|image name=Hydrogenglow.jpg
|image size=
|image name comment=等離子態下發出的紫光
|image name 2=Hydrogen Spectra.jpg
|image size 2=
|image name 2 comment=Kĭng gì nguòng-cṳ̄ guŏng-puō
|atomic mass=1.008
|atomic mass ref=<ref name="CIAAW">[http://www.ciaaw.org/pubs/TSAW2013_xls.xls Conventional Atomic Weights 2013]. Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights</ref>
|atomic mass 2=
|atomic mass comment=(1.00784–1.00811)<ref name="IUPAC">[http://www.ciaaw.org/atomic-weights.htm Standard Atomic Weights 2013]. Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights</ref>
|electron configuration=1s<sup>1</sup>
|electrons per shell=1
|phase comment=
|density gplstp=0.08988
|density gpcm3nrt=
|density gpcm3nrt 3=
|density gpcm3mp=0.07
|density gpcm3mp comment=(solid:&nbsp;0.0763&nbsp;g·cm<sup>−3</sup>)<ref>{{cite book|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=vEwj1WZKThEC&pg=PA240|page=240|title=Inorganic chemistry|author=Wiberg, Egon; Wiberg, Nils; Holleman, Arnold Frederick|publisher=Academic Press|year=2001|isbn=0123526515}}</ref>
|density gpcm3bp=0.07099
|melting point K=13.99
|melting point C=−259.16
|melting point F=−434.49
|sublimation point K=
|sublimation point C=
|sublimation point F=
|boiling point K=20.271
|boiling point C=−252.879
|boiling point F=−423.182
|triple point K=13.8033
|triple point kPa=7.041
|critical point K=32.938
|critical point MPa=1.2858
|heat fusion=(H<sub>2</sub>)0.117
|heat fusion 2=
|heat vaporization=(H<sub>2</sub>)0.904
|heat capacity=(H<sub>2</sub>)28.836
|vapor pressure 1=
|vapor pressure 10=
|vapor pressure 100=
|vapor pressure 1 k=
|vapor pressure 10 k=15
|vapor pressure 100 k=20
|vapor pressure comment=
|crystal structure=六方晶系
|oxidation states= '''−1''', '''+1'''
|oxidation states comment=[[兩性 (化學)|兩性]]氧化物
|number of ionization energies=1
|1st ionization energy=1312.0
|2nd ionization energy=
|3rd ionization energy=
|atomic radius=
|atomic radius calculated=
|covalent radius=31±5
|Van der Waals radius=120
|magnetic ordering=[[抗磁性]]<ref>
{{cite book
|chapter=Magnetic susceptibility of the elements and inorganic compounds
|title=CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
|publisher=CRC Press
|electrical resistivity=
|electrical resistivity at 0=
|electrical resistivity at 20=
|thermal conductivity=0.1805
|thermal conductivity 2=
|thermal diffusivity=
|thermal expansion=
|thermal expansion at 25=
|speed of sound=1310
|speed of sound comment=(氣體,27&nbsp;°C)
|speed of sound rod at 20=
|speed of sound rod at r.t.=
|tensile strength=
|Young's modulus=
|Shear modulus=
|Bulk modulus=
|Poisson ratio=
|Mohs hardness=
|Vickers hardness=
|Brinell hardness=
|CAS number=1333-74-0
| isotopes=
{{Infobox element/isotopes stable| mn=1 | sym=H | na=99.9885% | n=0 |link=氕 |firstlinks=yes}}
{{Infobox element/isotopes stable| mn=2 | sym=H | na=0.0115% | n=1 | link=氘 |firstlinks=no}}
{{Infobox element/isotopes decay| mn=3 | sym=H | na=[[痕量元素|痕量]] | hl=12.32年 | dm=[[β衰變|β<sup>&minus;</sup>]] | de=0.01861 | link1=[[hâi-3|He]] | pn=3 | ps=He | link=氚 }}
|predicted by=
|prediction date=
|discovered by=[[Henry Cavendish]]<ref name="Nostrand">{{cite encyclopedia| title=Hydrogen| encyclopedia=Van Nostrand's Encyclopedia of Chemistry| pages=797–799| publisher=Wylie-Interscience| year=2005| isbn=0-471-61525-0}}</ref><ref name="nbb">{{cite book| last=Emsley| first=John| title=Nature's Building Blocks| publisher=Oxford University Press| year=2001| location=Oxford| pages=183–191| isbn=0-19-850341-5}}</ref>
|discovery date=1766
|named by=[[Antoine Lavoisier]]<ref name="Stwertka">{{cite book| last=Stwertka| first=Albert| title=A Guide to the Elements| publisher=Oxford University Press| year=1996| pages=16–21| isbn=0-19-508083-1}}</ref>
|named date=1783
|history comment label=
|history comment=
'''Kĭng''' (氫, 輕) sê siŏh cṳ̄ng [[huá-hŏk nguòng-só]]. [[Nguòng-cṳ̄ sê̤ṳ-só]] sê 1, huá-hŏk hù-hô̤ sê H.
<math> Zn + H_{2}SO_{4} \to ZnSO_{4}+H_{2}\uparrow </math>
==Chăng-kō̤ cṳ̆-lâiu==

Dô̤-hòng chái-dăng